The Turkish Community in Bucharest. A Sociological Overview

What is the profile of the Turkish immigrants in Romania? Most of them were born in the less developed regions of Turkey, such as the Eastern Anatolia or the South East. The main reason for the decision to leave Turkey was an economic one. Romania provided the first experience of leaving in a foreign country for the vast majority. This research revealed not only the rich, complex and multi-colored human universe of the Turkish community in Bucharest. It also provided another way of looking at the Romanian world and the direction in which it is changing.

Migration as a factor of social innovation and development: the case of Romanian migration to Italy

Economic research is currently focusing on the role of social capital in the development process and particularly on the role of social capital and social networks in migration flows in a social development perspective. The main questions our research is trying to address are as follows: which are the major constraints in migration processes affecting the integration process of migrants? Do social capital or social networks play a role? Which is the integration model developed at European level? In order to address these questions we are focusing on a specific case study: the Romanian migration process in Italy and particularly in the area of Rome.