Virtual Library of Sociology

Romanian sociological publications travel with difficulty within the academic community. In this context, the ROMANIAN ASSOCIATION OF SOCIOLOGY (RAS) and the RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR QUALITY OF LIFE (RIQL) release the VIRTUAL LIBRARY OF SOCIOLOGY.

The virtual library of sociology aims to publish online books and studies within Romanian sociology. Books and studies will be included in this collection based on the consent of the author(s). The author(s) are responsible for taking consent from the publishing house with regard to the online dissemination of their publication. At this moment the collection includes few books and studies. This is why we are interested to enlarge this collection and we invite authors to send the texts they would like to include in the Virtual Library of Sociology.

The Virtual Library of Sociology may be accessed at:, as well as from the websites of: RIQL, RAS and the Social Innovation online Journal.