How is the Social Innovation online Journal different from other journals?

The Social Innovation online Journal (New Series) (RIS) is a journal for the popularization of the social sciences. It is not a scientific journal in which researchers publish original scientific results. Nevertheless, published texts are original in the way they present and approach the scientific results or through the perspective in which the subject is discussed and also through a language that is accessible to the wider public. RIS, the new series, promotes 0 tolerance for plagiarism and self-plagiarism.

The Editorial team does not aim to include RIS in a scientific data bases or on the list of journals acknowledged by Web of Science (ISI). RIS, the new series, will contribute to the promotion of scientific results from the social sciences in two ways:
  • by making information accessible through:
    • accessible language;
    • making texts available in both Romanian and English
      • when a Romanian author agrees to send the Romanian version of the paper;
      • when a foreign author agrees to have the paper translated in Romanian by the Editorial Team;
  • by promoting each published text online.