Simona Mihaiu, Violent crime. Social significance and implications, Pro Universitaria Publishing House, 231 pages, Bucharest, 2021

Why do people end up committing violent crime? How can we protect ourselves and prevent violent crime?

Violent crime is a topic that is rarely explored by either specialists or the general public.

In what follows, we will look at an excerpt from the life story of A.F., who was sentenced to prison for killing her husband.

“I married I. because I got pregnant. We never got along, he drank a lot and I’m sure he didn’t love me, and he didn’t love N., our boy, either. He was a sour man, he argued with everyone, he had no friends, he gossiped about everybody. I mostly raised the child alone and his parents are witnesses because they helped me sometimes. I endured a lot in this marriage, he offended me, he humiliated me, he came to my work place drunk, he hit my mother, not to mention the child, whom he terrorized. It went on like that for 10 years and I couldn’t stand it anymore. One evening, after a fight, I saw no other way than this. I waited for him to fall asleep and hit him on the head with an ax. It’s true, there was another way, just to leave him. He did not want to give me a divorce “(31 years old, no criminal record. She pleaded “guilty” during the criminal trial). read more