Allocated budget to an adult refugee in Romania in the reception phase

This paper focuses on the estimation of the resources necessary for a person who seeks asylum in Romania and whom is in the reception phase. After the reception phase, each person decides if she wishes to remain on Romanian territory or to continue towards a different destination.

Main income and consumption categories’ dynamic in the last twenty years

In this study we analyse the dynamics of the main sources of income of the population during the period 1989 – 2010, the decrease of these incomes as a consequence of decreasing the medium income by 25% and the pensions by 15% starting with June 2010, but also the way how these revenues cover the minimal basket of goods and services for a decent life and subsistence.

The population’s consumption basket regarding decent and subsistence minimum living standard

The minimum living standard is an economic and social concept, with a high complexity and relativity and which measuring poverty. Complexity comes from the multitude of material, cultural, educational, health, etc.. entering in its composition and relativity, from interaction and changes of those elements, that show us the needs of human consumption and its dependents (family, household) and interdependence between these needs and economic and social framework where there is.