Romani women’s voices continue to be absent from national strategy documents on social inclusion

Romani voices across diverse communities remind us of the daily struggle of Roma communities with destitution and racism. This paper argues that although national strategy documents aim to include Roma people within the broader society , they continue to exclude the perspectives of Romani women by drafting them in a non-participatory manner.

Demand and supply of social economy – two development regions of Romania, Simona Maria Stănescu, Sorin Cace, Filip Alexandrescu (editors), Vlad Achimescu, Ionuț Ardeleanu, Daniel Arpinte, Florin Botonogu, Cosmin Briciu, Gabriela Dima, Simona Ilie, Flavius Mihalache, Gabriela Neagu, Ramona Pavel, Ana Maria Preoteasa, Mihnea Preotesi, Iulian Stănescu, Gabriel Stănilă, Ștefan Corneliu Ștefănescu, Cristina Tomescu, Laura Tufă, Bucharest, Pro Universitaria, 2013, 398 pages

The book presents the results of a research conducted by Research Institute for Quality of Life, Romanian Academy, part of the “Integrat – Resources for the socially excluded women and Roma groups” project, which was co-financed by the European Social Fund (EFS) through the Sectorial Operational Program Human Resource Development 2007-2013. The main goal was to stimulate social inclusion especially for women and Roma groups in the Bucharest-Ilfov and South-East development regions