For Readers

How can I subscribe to the RIS Newsletter?
Those who wish to receive the Newsletter should send an e-mail with the subject: Newsletter: Name to: contact [at] inovatiasociala [punct] ro. Your address will be added automatically, based on the subject of the message.

How to add comments to a text?

To add comments for a text, you need to log into your account by using Connect or Register. After logging in navigate to the text you would like to place a comment on and choose the link “add comment”. Write your comment in the designated field and then push Send. Your comment needs to be approved before it can be visualized on the website.

All comments are moderated by the Editorial Team. Any comments that discuss the subject of the published text are accepted. We encourage critical and well argued comments as well as observations and reader’s reactions (praising or not).

We do not accept comments that use inappropriate, abusive language or advertising messages.

Readers who wish to publish an extended reaction to one of the texts published within the site, can send them as a separate text, as long as the text fulfills the submission requirements. Short comments are exempt from these requirements.